Local Fire and Rescue Plans 2017 Consultation

Closed 31 Dec 2017

Opened 19 Dec 2016


We are required to prepare individual Local Fire and Rescue Plans for each local authority area in Scotland.  Our first set of Plans, implemented in April 2014, provided the first building blocks to strenthen our connections with local partners and communities. 

During the course of 2017 these Plans will be replaced with new, more locally tailored Plans. When these revised Plans have been drafted we will seek your views on their content.  This site will host the consultation activity for all draft Local Fire and Rescue Plans across Scotland.  

The development timeline for each Plan is unique to it's area, therefore please be aware that consultation dates for each will vary.  Please click on the relevant Plan name to access the draft Plan and to complete a short survey. 

If you wish to provide general comments to all Local Fire and Rescue Plans, please complete General Response at the end of the list.

To make sure we do not discriminate or disadvantage people an Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment has been carried out.  This is available to download at the bottom of this page. 

What happens next

Your feedback will be used to shape the final Local Fire and Rescue Plan for your area.  

Our Local Senior Officer will consider all responses and make any appropriate changes to the draft document prior to being approved by the relevant Council Committee. 


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