Social Impact Pledge Nominations 2017/18

Closed 31 Oct 2017

Opened 27 Sep 2017


In 2016, the Scottish Government launched an initiative aimed at increasing the social impact of public sector organisations across Scotland.  The Social Impact Pledge asks public sector organisations to identify three commitments to improving their current operations or policies that will deliver benefits to communities.  These commitments should be things that are new or are an expansion of current initiatives that will deliver tangible benefits to the wider community or targeted groups. 

Building on the fantastic response to the initiative last year, which highlighted the significant and varied work we do to improve community outcomes, we are again asking for further nominations for refreshed Social Impact Pledges for 2018.

Our positive impact is not just as result of our community safety engagement work, but also covers delivery of a wide range of social, economic or environmental initiatives. We would therefore welcome nominations which also relate to any of these elements. 

Please click on the nominations link below and tells us about an initiative you are planning for or have initiated that supports our commitment to improving community outcomes and/or contributes to our corporate social responsibility.

More information on the Social Impact Pledge Initiative and other organisations’ commitments is available on the Communities Channel Scotland website. 

What happens next

After the entry for nominations close, the nominations will be shortlisted.  The shortlist will be considered by a small group of Board Members who will then make recommendation to the full Board which three initiatives should be approved for submission. 


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