Home Safety Survey, Children 0-5 Years

Closed 30 Nov 2021

Opened 1 Oct 2021


The South Lanarkshire Unintentional Injuries Group consists of a range of agencies and groups. One of its aims is to work together in partnership to help prevent accidents in the home, for example burns, scalds and poisonings, among very young children.

This survey is aimed at the parent, guardian, or primary carer of a child zero to five years of age living in South Lanarkshire.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous, and no identifying personal information is requested.

Accidents among young children are inevitable, but in many cases, can be preventable. The aim of the consultation is to engage with parent’s, guardian’s, or primary carers to tell us what (if anything) our Group could do to make homes safer for very young children aged zero to five years, to help prevent accidents and reduce injuries.

Why your views matter

We need parents, guardians or primary carers of children aged zero to five years to tell us what the main causes of accidents around the home are, what type of injuries are common and how severe these are. That way we can make sure we provide support based on what you have told us will help you.

What happens next

We will analyse what you tell us which would help make homes safer for very young children, so that we can then provide the right support to help keep your child safe at home.

We will keep you informed about the survey results and next steps on our Facebook page.


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