SFRS Legal Services Questionnaire

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Closes 30 Apr 2021


1. Which directorate do you work for?
2. Professionalism: How do you rate the knowledge and skill of the team?
3. Attitude: How do you rate the helpfulness and friendliness of team?
4. Communication: How well did we keep you informed from start to finish?
5. Quality: How do you rate the accuracy and relevance of advice provided?
6. Accessibility: How do you rate the accessibility of our services in terms of location/phone and web access?
7. Expectations: Did we meet your expectations?
8. Satisfaction: How do you rate the overall satisfaction of the service provided?
9. Please provide any additional comments you would like to express about your chosen options to these questions in the box below:
10. Do you have any further comments to make and or suggestions on how we can improve our services?