SFRS Pilot Participants

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Closes 31 Jul 2022

Please complete after EVERY Safe and Well Visit

1. What is your name?
2. Address that the Safe and Well Visit was conducted in
3. When was the Safe and Well Visit conducted?
4. Did you experience any ICT issues during the visit? Please tick all that apply and use the comment box for any additional information you wish to highlight.
5. How long did the visit take?
6. Did the occupier(s) have difficulty understanding any of the questions or did you require to explain in more detail any particular question(s) or topic? If so, please give more detail below.
7. If you have any further comments in relation to this particular visit please state them here

Please include, for example, any issues regarding new legislation, fitting of detectors, additional time required.

8. Finally, did the occupier give permission for SFRS to contact them by telephone for feedback?